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Are you a winner? – Radio Show

  • 09 Jul 13

  • Radio


During this radio show I looked to inspire and motivate my listeners by asking the simple but thought-provoking question:

Are you a winner?

I also asked my listeners the following questions:

  • Do you think like a winner?
  • Are you willing to go the distance to win?
  • Do you believe you are GREAT?

With the help of some great sound bites from Muhammad Ali and a speech by Rocky Balboa in “Rocky” this show will ROCK you!

This segment is one of my personal favorites!

What would make the show more entertaining and fulfilling for you?
Let me know!

What would make the show more entertaining and fulfilling for you?

Let me know!

Be sure to update your calendar to listen every Saturday evening at 10 p.m. CST, on WVON 1690 AM, to hear Inspirational Perspective with Linal Harris, Chicago’s very own Life Coach!

(Don’t live in Chicago? No problem! Just download the iHeart radio application to your smart phone or tablet. You can also listen live at WVON.com.)

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely great show…Taking control of our minds by looking at our attitude and how we think creates our future. As Earl Nightingale said the “Strangest secret, is we become what we think about” so winners create their outcomes in their minds and only think about just that. Great references to Ali and the movie “Rocky” – I think one extremely important thing about winners is that they have a vision that they see mentally in detail, like a mind movie and they intensify this vision by putting passion and enthusiasm into it and based on this they “Act as though it were impossible to fail”.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are absolutely right about a winners vision! Love the perspective!

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