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Self Improvement

4 Life Lessons I’ve Learned!

  This past week, my life coach and I had what is called a “Completion Conversation”, in ontological¬†coaching, for 2013. The purpose of this conversation was to ensure I am at peace with 2013, to ensure I am fully present and focused in 2014. As a result of our conversation, I gathered four notable reflections on my personal development in […]


Will you come to the table and eat?

  Last night, I was chatting with a friend who made a statement that really stuck with me. The statement he made was, “People don’t know, what they don’t know.” This caused me to contemplate the following: If people knew, what they didn’t know, would they take the time to gain the knowledge they were lacking? It’s only been a […]


Got Money?

Remember the milk commercial, that would star a recognizable celebrity and ask, “Got milk?“ When the commercial aired, it always seemed light-hearted and funny. It was an opportunity for those of us who drink milk to identify with a celebrity and their white, milk mustache. Fairly harmless right? Now imagine that same commercial, but instead of advertising milk, it revealed […]


Help NOT Wanted!

Does this dialogue sound familiar? Person 1: “Hey there, need some help?” Person 2: “No thank you, I’ve got it.” Of course it does, because most of us are on both side of that interchange. Recently, I reached out to a friend, who previously acknowledged the need for professional and entrepreneurial development, and offered her a couple of free coaching […]


Just relax…

A few days ago, I perused the titles of the 150 plus posts I have shared on this blog, to review my content. While doing so, I noticed a number of different themes in my writing. I’ve written about each of these themes because I wholeheartedly believe, they are key ingredients to success. The one theme I’ve neglected to give […]

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