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Posts tagged with ‘New Year’

Got Money?

Remember the milk commercial, that would star a recognizable celebrity and ask, “Got milk?“ When the commercial aired, it always seemed light-hearted and funny. It was an opportunity for those of us who drink milk to identify with a celebrity and their white, milk mustache. Fairly harmless right? Now imagine that same commercial, but instead of advertising milk, it revealed […]


Is your life on autopilot?

Ever pull into the parking lot at work and realize that you don’t remember the drive that got you there? You stopped at all the stop-lights, signaled to change lanes, and maybe even parked the car without being fully aware of what you were doing. Basically, you were so deep in thought about that upcoming presentation you have to deliver, […]


Living the dream, in 2013!

Here we are… Day 2… 2013! Did you take time to make a few new resolutions? If so, what mechanisms have you put in place to ensure you’re successful? (One of them should be subscribing to this blog.) 2012, came and went pretty fast! Did you accomplish what you planned to achieve last year or did you get restrained in […]


Start Today!

Well…its the second day…of the last month…of 2012. 2013 is peeking around the corner and preparing to sneak up on us all, in a matter of twenty or more days. The New Year is a notable milestone in time that typically causes us to stop and take inventory of our own personal growth, in contrast to our aspirations and goals. […]


This weekend a friend of mine got married.  He asked me to stand up in his wedding and to present the opening toast for the couple at their reception.  It was a privilege and an honor to do both. This week’s thought contains excerpts from that toast. Congratulations Victor and Becca! _________________________________________________________________ There is no greater prospect than that of […]

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