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Posts tagged with ‘travel’

The Walking Stick

  The past few weeks I’ve been away on vacation.  I’ve spent my time away exploring parts of the Southern Hemisphere which for a portion of my travels took me to the jungles of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. While in Kimbe, I joined a group of fellow explorers on a hike through the jungle and up to the summit of […]


It takes a village…

Life is a gift. …and to enhance this gift are all the wonderful people around us who share this gift. It is my belief that  opening ourselves to the combination of life and the people we encounter in this life is the key to fulfillment. Let me explain… Yesterday I crossed off a goal on my bucket list that up […]


What are you waiting for?

  What’s that one thing that you just need to happen? ….and if it happens…all the doors will just swing wide open! How long have you been waiting for this one thing? All of us tend to have that thing, that excuse…that reason…why we can’t do something great…something risky…something we’re passionate about…something that will make us better than we are […]



Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit for both work and pleasure. On average I’ve logged close to 100,000 miles in the air every year. Now I shared that because having flown as much as I have, it is very easy to take the miracle of flying for granted. When boarding a flight, very seldom […]

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