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Too busy to be successful?


Over the past few months I’ve come across a number of articles outlining the financial plight of most Americans. Each time I complete these articles, I become a bit more concerned about our financial wellbeing as a nation.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve read:

Based on the numbers above, I must deduct that this includes many of my readers. If these numbers don’t include you, I’m sure they include someone in your family or circle of friends. (Share this post with them.)

Never-Get-So-Busy-MakingEither way, what’s your plan?

What’s your plan to save more money?
What’s your plan to create a stable retirement?
What’s your plan to cut cost and reduce your expenses?

Wait…not the plan in your head. I’m talking about a plan that you produced with pen and paper. (Your laptop counts too.)

I believe I speak for everyone on the planet when I say, “We all just want to be successful.”

But here’s the deal…
We all have wants, many of which we’ll never have.

…because wants are essentially just that.

I want my own jet.
I want a beautiful mansion.
I want an Aston Martin.
I want…

Wants don’t materialize with wishful thinking. They materialize when we create clear tangible goals, written milestones and action plans.


Yeah, I know.
Coming up with clear goals, written milestones and action plans take time….and you barely have enough time as it is, given the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Like I said, “We all just want to be successful.”
Problem is most of us are to busy to obtain our individual definitions of success.

That breaks my heart.

Here’s why:

  • We won’t slow down to create a plan.
  • We won’t sacrifice today to create a better tomorrow.

Thus, we won’t have the opportunity to exit the hustle during what is suppose to be our golden years and definitely not sooner. We’ll just keep doing the same old stuff and consequently lead a life we never intended to live.

Eventually, we’ll make ourselves believe we don’t want those things we wanted.

They were unrealistic anyway, right?


We all have a seed of greatness. We all have the capacity to make a tremendous impact. We all have a gift/talent that is unique and special.


We just have to take the time to water that seed. We just have to make the time to deliver that tremendous impact. We just have to invest the time into our gift/talent.

Too busy 2 b successfulPlease, don’t be to busy to be successful.
The world needs your gift.
The world could use your talent.

When you live your dreams and get your wants we all win.

Do whatever it takes to invest your time into living the best life possible.

Create a plan to save more money.
Create your plan for a stable retirement.
Create a plan to cut cost and reduce your expenses.

Financial wellbeing is a huge part of living the best life possible.
Please don’t let it go neglected.

Let me know how I can help, and remember to stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

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