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Linal Harris – Check Out My New Professional Speaking Reel


I had an awesome weekend in San Diego hanging with my little sister, Keila Harris and my good friend of two decades, Michael Allen.

I am a blessed man!

To top off my phenomenal weekend, I also received a copy of my brand new professional speaker reel!

This was a serendipitous arrival because now I get to share this speaker reel with all of you as this week’s Inspirational Perspective!

Take a look and be sure to tell me what you think…

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  • Linal, this reel is awesome! I’m ready to hear more. Best wishes on your endeavors,

    • Hey Melissa…thanks so much! There will definitely be more to follow!

  • Katherine Burgess

    Hey Linal,
    I just saw this reel. All I can say is AWESOME!!!
    Keep up the good work. God bless you.

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