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Where’s Your Focus?


Where’s your focus?

If you get to the unfiltered answer for this question, it will teach you a lot about yourself.

We all choose to focus on different things and it’s what we focus on that predicts what we’ll do, how we’ll do it and ultimately where we’ll go in life.

So where’s your focus?

If you don’t know, believe it or not others do.

Just ask.

Where's your focus?

Where’s your focus?

From time to time I run into an old friend and all he talks about is shoes. Jordan brand gym shoes to be exact. I’ve known him for years and for the majority of that time his focus has been on high-end sneakers and athletic shoes.

He has a plethora of shoes and makes his money trading and selling shoes.
That’s his focus.
He knows shoes.

What do you know?
It’s likely that this knowledge came from time you spent focused in that area.

Responsible mothers focus on their children.
Great basketball players focus on basketball.
Good CEO’s focus on their business.
Experts focus on learning more about their expertise.
Inventors focus on innovation.
Automobile mechanics focus on cars.

Your focus determines your reality!

Your focus determines your reality!

Where is your focus?

Over the years my focus has been on leadership, business, travel and inspiring and helping others.
My life reflects this.

Who do you intend to be and where is your focus?
Does your life reflect who you intend to be?


If your intentions and your focus are not aligned, it may be time to close the gap.
To close the gap, get real about where you are focused and choose a shift.

Where is your focus?

If your focus is clear, share it here in a comment and stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

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