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Is THIS Your Car?


Is this your car?

Is this your car?

Ever seen a brand new, expensive luxury sports sedan on the street, that was horribly filthy?

What did you think about that?

If you’re anything like me…you probably had a thought similar to this:

“Ugh…how irresponsible! If I could afford a car like that, I would never let it get that dirty!”

Am I alone in this sentiment?

Come on…be honest!

Well…if you won’t admit it I will.
I’ve thought that thought.

So let me ask a question.

If you had the opportunity to own your dream car, what would it be?

How would you take care of it?

How often would you get your car washed?

Would you put the recommended fuel in this beautiful vehicle, even if it was a bit more expensive?

My dream car is the Aston Martin DB9!

My dream car is the Aston Martin DB9!

What about the interior? How would you care for the interior of this gorgeous vehicle?

Would you be sure to take your new dream car in for all of the scheduled maintenance?

Where would you park your car? Would you park it near other cars where it may get dings and scratches, or would you park it near cars similar to yours, whose owners also care about the appearance of their vehicle?

Take a moment…
Think about these questions.

What kind of dream car owner would you be?
Take a moment and Google that dream car.
How much does this car cost?
Print out the picture and put it on your vision board.

At this point if you answered all the questions I’ve asked about this dream car, I want to reorient your thinking towards a vehicle that is far more valuable.

That vehicle is your body.

You were born with that body.
You been with that body of yours for quite some time.
You’ve both been through some things.
…and that body of yours is far more priceless than any dream car you will ever desire.

human bodySo…I want to ask you the same questions about your body?

How are you taking care of your body?

How often do you groom yourself?

Are you putting the best fuel available in that beautiful body of yours, even if it’s a bit more expensive?

Are you taking care of the insides of your body?

Are you making all of your scheduled visits to the optometrist, dentist and physician?

Who do you hang around? Are you spending time with others that damage your self-esteem and could possibly do you harm, or are you spending time with people who share your mindset, goals, dreams and aspirations?

My last question is quite simple…
Would you treat your dream car better than you currently treat yourself?

If so, it’s okay.
Now you’re aware that something needs to change.

What will you change?
Write down the top 3 things you will do differently starting today to honor the most important vehicle you will ever have.

The gift of life is amazing.

Our ability to fully navigate this gift is directly connected to our well-being.


Share the three things you will start today, in a comment.
A declaration like this is the first step to taking purposeful action!

Let me know how I can support you on your journey.
My desire is that we all murder mediocrity and live the best lives possible!

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