What Did You Get? – (A day after Christmas Poem)


Many of us celebrated Christmas yesterday and followed the tradition of giving and receiving gifts.  If you live in the United States, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas you’ll typically end up with a gift bag to dig in or box to unwrap, from a family member, colleague or friend.

This Christmas, some of us got exactly what we wanted, but there are those of us who are already planning our next trip to the mall…to return:

day-after-christmasThe shirt or blouse that’s too tight,
Or we just didn’t like.
A trinket the giver hoped was cool,
And you approved,

With your big smile and reassuring nods while in your head you’re thinking,
“This won’t do!
What is this thing supposed to do?”
The fruit cake you can’t eat,
Because you recognized it’s a gift you re-gifted in 2013!

Or better yet, the #1 thought on Christmas day,
That most of us dare not say,
“Really, really?  This is what I get!
After all the money I spent!”

It’s funny how easy it is to forget,
That this time of year is all about giving and not what we get!
Now I’m very aware that the statement above is cliché,
So maybe we can think about all of this in a different way.

How cool is it to be alive in the 21st century,
When some of the best gifts of this digital age are free.
Facebook connects us to our families in a unique way that distance can’t suspend,
And has redefined the meaning of the word ‘friends’.

Google allows us to search the vast depths of internet cyberspace,
For a recipe, an answer, an image, or the address to a place.
The best possible deal is a few keystrokes away,
On Amazon.com, Craigslist or eBay.

The tutorial, entertainment review and art that suits you,
Awaits your discovery in a video on YouTube.
What’s your favorite music, what’s your mood?
There’s a library of music waiting for you,
Gotta love Pandora and Spotify, where you can create a playlist and your own radio station too!

Hear an old or new song playing that you’ve got to have,
Hold your smartphone close to the tune and Shazam!
As the year 2014 comes to a close, 2015 further opens innovation’s door!
A year or two ago yousendit.com tried to make us pay,

So Dropbox created a better free way!
Our timing is perfect, it’s good to exist,
Sometimes what’s cheap or free is the best gift!
These are interesting times…be grateful for everything you receive,
Merry Christmas! (…or Happy Holidays based on what you believe!)

4 thoughts on “What Did You Get? – (A day after Christmas Poem)

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