It takes work…

As you all know I’m a big advocate for continuous improvement and self-development. A huge part of my individual purpose is to live the best life possible…while helping others live their best life possible. I’m also passionate about learning and I love to teach.

Despite all that…applying what I’ve learned…practicing what I teach…truly embracing the best life possible…focusing on self-development and seeking out feedback to assess areas for self-improvement still takes a tremendous amount of focus and steady effort.

In fact, I have yet to meet someone where any or all of those attributes come with a great deal of ease.

Note: If any of you have met this person please introduce me as soon as possible, so I can sit at their feet in awe and fascination as they sit indian style levitating and meditating above a hemp rug.

It takes work…

Continuous improvement takes work.
Self development takes work.
Seeking feedback takes work.
Accepting the feedback that’s given (especially when it may be tough love) takes even more work.

Applying what I’ve learned takes work.
Practicing what I teach takes work.
Living a purpose driven life takes work.
Living the best life possible takes even more work.

…and quite frankly there are days when I’m tired and just don’t feel like putting in that kind of work.

These are days when I just want to take it easy…
…and I’ve asked myself, “Wouldn’t it be better to just coast through the day?”

I could skip all of my meetings,
Disregard my email and any other reading.
Stumble upon new websites all day…
Start smoking just to get a few smoke breaks.
Stroll through the parking lot kicking rocks,
Then end my day by composing a dope beat on Incredibox.

The only problem with this scheme
Is that ‘take it easy’ is the theme
…and the statement, “I should make today easy.”
sounds too much like “I embrace mediocrity.”

Plus a day of taking it easy…
Can lead to a week of taking it easy…
Which leads to a month of taking it easy…
That produces a year of taking it easy…
Which can end in a life of mediocrity.

So instead…I work!
So instead…you work!
So instead…we push ourselves beyond our comfort zones into the unknown, because that’s where success resides and greatness lies!

Don’t stop pushing…
It takes work…

3 thoughts on “It takes work…

  1. Stacy Williams says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a really informative and helpful publish. It’s not often that I come across a site with valuable points like this. Kudos to you and keep up the good blogging performance.

  2. Mildred Harris says:

    I’m reminded of a physical I had to take and I was told to jump up and down 15 times. They took my pulse before and after and told me it was the same. I asked what did it mean. She said as far as your heart is concerned you really didn’t do anything. That’s what some of us have been guilty of. Aimless work that never makes a difference. Busy doing nothing. Yes, we must work, but let’s make sure it’s productive work, taking us in the right direction. I’ve lost too much time over the years just being busy. Good thoughts Linal, keep them coming.

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