Live life in 3D!

There are twenty-four hours in a day.

One third (1/3) of this time (8 hours) is typically reserved for sleep, which means there are sixteen hours left for conscious activity.  During a week day, eight to ten of our conscious hours are spent working, and depending upon where you live in relation to where you work, another hour or so, is dedicated to commuting.

Subtract work and your commute from your waking hours and add in breakfast, dinner and all the time it takes to shower, get dressed and undressed, and there is about 3 to 4 hours left in any given weekday.  (If you have children…deduct a couple of more hours.)

In a post I wrote a couple of months ago Success vs. Mediocrity, I shared the following:

It has been noted, that the measurable difference between a man or woman of achievement and success, in contrast to a man or woman of mediocrity, is only 2%.

That’s right 2%…

Due to this reality, I have no doubt that success has everything to do with the attitude we choose throughout our days, but more importantly, I believe success hinges upon how we choose to spend the little bit of free time we get each day.

One of the complaints I hear all to often is, “I just don’t have enough time!”.

My answer to that statement is always, “You have enough time.  You just have to change how you use the time you have.”

One hour of television every evening doesn’t seem like a lot until you sum it up as 25-50% of your valuable free time.

Furthermore, all it takes is an hour an evening to Do Different!.  An hour, everyday, used this way consistently will begin breaking the mold of mediocrity and start you towards living your life in 3D!

So…what is living your life in 3D?
Living your life in 3D is all about taking the time to Dream, Design and Do!

These 3 D’s are ingredients to achieving your greater purpose!

Now here’s the deal…I know it’s not easy, because if it were easy, many more of us would be living the life of our dreams.  The fact remains that somewhere between ‘our reality‘ and ‘our dreams‘…sits this thing called ‘life‘.

…and life leaves us pretty exhausted at the end of a day, with just a few hours of leisure (if that) to enjoy, before the cycle replicates itself into another new day.

This cycle is hard to change and the only way to change the cycle, is to change your inputs, so that you can begin producing new outputs.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to slip new inputs into your already hectic days:

  1. Get showered and dressed to the most uplifting and inspirational music you have on your iPod. (Create a playlist)
  2. Instead of listening to the news (which only perpetuates the past and present) on your morning commute, listen to that self-development/improvement book you don’t have time to read, in audio while you drive.
  3. During lunch…step away from everyone for 10 minutes and just dream…that’s right daydream.
  4. On your commute home listen to your favorite tunes or chat with an old friend.  Let that reenergize you, so your family gets a better you vs. the you that is worried about all the crisis in the Middle East.
  5. Before bed…reflect on that dream you had at lunch.  Should you put that dream on paper or watch TV?  If you put it on paper…well…that’s the beginning of design.  If you watch TV…well…so much for that dream.

Time is dealt equally to each of us.  No one is exempt from time’s fleeting reality. The President of the United States gets the same amount of time as any derelict wandering the streets of Washington D.C.

We all get the same twenty-four hour days.  It’s what we do with that time that differentiates us!

Choose to live your life in 3D!
Dream, Design, and then go Do!

The result…
A better YOU!

Stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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