Life’s Toll – A Birthday Thought

About a month ago, one of the Inspirational Perspective radio show listeners called in to comment on the day’s topic.

This caller shared that he felt I had a Pollyannaish view on life, based on the tone of the show. He then questioned whether or not I would have the same optimistic attitude and inspirational perspective another twenty years from now, after I’d experienced a bit more of life.

He solidified his stance, by saying, “Life takes a toll on people.”

This week, I’m blessed to be celebrating my 37th birthday.

I still feel relatively young.
I would like to think I look even younger. 🙂

Yet, I’m often greeted with the reality of aging by my barber, who quips about my thinning hair, or my aching body, the day after a grueling workout.

Father Time has no favorites, and with each breath we take, the clock tics to keep us in time’s rhythm.

What that caller didn’t know is that he doesn’t have to wait twenty years to see if life takes its toll. What I’ve learned in my short time on earth, is that life will take whatever toll we’re willing to pay.

Plenty of things have happened to me that I would have never chosen.
Life has already handed me a share of bumps and bruises.
That’s life…
Sh*t happens!

In the last twenty years, I’ve made some terrible decisions that have led to tough consequences. My life has been marked by plenty of failures and mistakes; nevertheless, I’m still here to celebrate another year, so this week I would like to share a few things that have made all the difference for me and my attitude on life:

  1. Despite what happens, I have chosen to view my circumstance with a positive lens. I have chosen to be an optimist. Being a pessimist is just no fun!
  2. Wisdom is rare, so if I work to acquire wisdom, maybe I can lead a life that is rare.
  3. I believe in being mentored and in mentoring others – two free ways to instill important principles and learn invaluable lessons.
  4. Time used to gain knowledge is time well spent. I will be a life-learner!
  5. Integrity matters. I haven’t perfected this, but my life’s work will be to keep my thoughts, words and actions aligned.
  6. I will always strive to be authentically me, no matter who disagrees.
  7. I endeavor to embrace vulnerability, truly love and accept the love that comes back at me. (Scary and rewarding.)

This week marks my birthday, so instead of just asking you to reflect, I’m also asking you for a simple, but important gift.

Helping-MentorPlease, take some time to reflect on what’s made a difference in your life, then identify a young person who needs a mentor. Take a sincere interest in this young person’s life and pour wisdom into them.

I wouldn’t be who I am today, if others hadn’t cared enough to share their time, resources and knowledge.

As for that caller…
Twenty years from now, my hope is that I am more deeply rooted in the perspective that an optimistic attitude leads to a positive life.
Twenty years from now, my hope is that I’ve led a life of purposeful action, which creates a positive influence that has a reverberating and exponential impact on countless others I will never know nor meet.

If that is the life I can live, its tolls, I will gladly undertake.
Thanks in advance for the gift.
Now share this post with a friend and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

One thought on “Life’s Toll – A Birthday Thought

  1. Cantiese says:

    Good Evening,

    I listened in for the first time this eve. I appreciate the topic, insight, and comments. I would add to the list of best uses for the gift of life… Is to experience joy separate from anything that is attached to a monetary value… for example Watching the Sun Rise.

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