What will people think? What will people say?

Recently, I was referred to a gentleman who was requesting some financial guidance. Upon connecting, he shared his situation with me and within a few minutes I was able to provide a few ideas and concepts that could ease the tension in his financial situation.

What will people say?
What will people say?

Our conversation seemed to flow very well until he said, "Wait, what will people say if I do what you're suggesting?"

"What people?" I asked.

"I don't know exactly who." He replied, "I suppose if I took all your suggestions, somebody might think I'm having financial problems."

"You are having financial problems." I exclaimed, "What's more important? Getting your finances in order for your long term plans or what people might think and say while you put your plan into action?"

He paused, "Well, I like your ideas, but I just can't have people thinking I maybe in financial trouble."

Shortly after this comment we ended our call.
This gentleman wasn't a coaching client and after that short interaction I knew only consistent coaching could shift his context.

I also knew he wasn't alone. The two questions that governed his finances, governs so many of our lives.

Those two questions are:

  1. What would people think?
  2. What would people say?

How prevalent are these two questions in your conscious and subconscious decision making?

For most of us, these two questions run far more of our lives than we'd care to admit.

It's downright absurd how much stock many of us place in the opinions of people we've never met and may never know personally.

It's downright absurd how much power we give people we do know, but barely talk too.

We give all of our power away when we ask ourselves:

What would he/she think?
What would he/she say?

How is it that we let what people may think or say run our lives, yet we wouldn't consider sacrificing our lives for these same people?

If you won't die for these people, why would you live a life dictated by the opinions of these people?

It doesn't make sense! If you care about what they think or say, you're actually sacrificing your life for them anyway.

I can appreciate the power of influence, but this type of influence on personal decision making baffles me!

Living the best life possible has nothing to do with what anyone thinks.

Living the best life possible is about living a life that is aligned with your purpose, guiding principles and personal intergrity.

what to you think of yourself

If I placed all my stock into what people would think and say, I wouldn't have started this blog.

If I placed all my stock into what people would think and say, I wouldn't have started the Inspirational Perspective radio show.

If I placed all my stock into what people would think and say, I wouldn't be a certified ontological coach.

I wouldn't be able to touch people's lives and you wouldn't be reading these words.

Begin noticing where those two questions have too much power in your life and take the steps to make decisions based on your dreams and destiny.

Start making decisions independent of what people may think or say. You'll never be able to please everyone.

At the very least, please yourself by pursuing your purpose and passions. That's how to live the best life possible.

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Linal Harris
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