Celebrating 4 Years of Inspirational Perspective


It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago, on a 4th of July afternoon, I sat in my home office, nervously sweating as I published the first post on a brand new blog called Inspirational Perspective.

To celebrate this 4 year milestone, I wanted to share 4 new and exciting changes that are coming to Inspirational Perspective.

Change #1:
If you follow Inspirational Perspective on Facebook you may have already noticed that we have a new look!

This is Inspirational Perspective's fresh new logo!
This is Inspirational Perspective’s fresh new logo!

Many of you helped with the design of this logo by voting on the poll I shared on Inspirational Perspective’s Facebook Page. Thanks so much for your help!

Change #2:
To go along with the new logo, the website received a refreshing facelift over the holiday weekend. I suppose we could call it Inspirational Perspective’s anniversary gift, courtesy of our partners at Be Strategic PR.

This facelift is just a glimpse into the plan to redesign this blog to truly meet the needs of you, the reader, by the end of 2015.

Change #3:
Over the past 4 years, I have written over 250 blog post, most of which you can access on the sites archives. Moving forward, I plan to continue to write and post inspirational content. But wait…there’s more!

I’m also excited to announce that the team at Inspirational Perspective will now be working with a number of guest bloggers and writers who will also be sharing their inspirational perspectives right here on InspirationalPerspective.com!

Change #4:
Next week, we’ll be introducing our first video blog!

Video content is the most engaging way to interact with an audience and as a result Inspirational Perspective is evolving! However, video isn’t the only part of this evolution. The radio audience has been asking for a place to listen to former shows, so we will be introducing audio blog snippets from previous shows too!

To be sure to receive of our newest video content be sure to subscribe to my personal YouTube channel where every video will be uploaded and posted first!Subscribe here: Linal’s YouTube Channel

While you’re in the subscribing mood, be sure to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already, by going to the home page and sharing your email address in the area provided underneath – “Follow The Blog”.

To conclude, I have to thank you, the reader for all your support, and we hope that you continue to be inspired by our messages and share them with others who can use the inspiration too!

Until next week, stay inspired; it’s a lifestyle choice!

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