The Coming of Age

Time is not our friend,
It is our mortal enemy,
Because it takes moments like this…
And transforms them into memories,
Memories we can barely see!

Today I’m twenty-five,
Tomorrow I’ll be half a century,
And that’s only if time is kind to me.
Gray hairs and a stiff back,
Will make us relish this time spent presently.

Look at us…young, beautiful, and strong,
Surrounded by friends and family.
Drinks and dance…
Can’t enhance…
A moment that’s simply happy.

Happy because…
I’m surrounded by people I love,
Who chose to spend one of their fleeting moments with me.
Our past has created the bonds we share…
The same bonds the future will try to tear.

If I had a wish…my wish would be.
That somehow I could stretch reality,
Stretch reality to ensure all of you were back here,
To celebrate with me when I turn fifty.

But reality is time’s ally,
And time is our mortal enemy.
So taste each second, and every minute of this evening,
So they will form one of your most memorable memories,
Just as it will be for me!


A note from the author:
I wrote this poem the evening before my 25th birthday party. I had a sense that while i was enjoying my youth…this birthday signified how quickly we age. Enjoy each moment…because each moment will always pass.

About the Author:

Linal Harris
Global Entrepreneur – Certified Life Coach – Media Personality – Speaker


Linal Harris is a global entrepreneur, certified life coach, author, and media personality. As the founder of Inspirational Perspective® Publishing, LLC and Insights 4 Life™ Coaching, LLC, Harris challenges his global audience and coaching clients to Murder Mediocrity® and live their best life possible. Harris concentrates his work as an ontological coach with clients on what he calls the 4 pillars of life; the relationship we have to ourselves, the relationships we have with others, our relationship to work and money, and the connection we have to our spirit and life’s purpose. Harris coaches CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities. Harris is the author of “Slay Your Goals”, where he provides his readers with scientific and research backed tips for achieving their goals. Harris is an expert goal-setter and has been called upon by Fortune 500 companies to assist with setting their strategic priorities, facilitate goal-setting sessions and provide inspirational talks.

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