3 Lessons We All Can Learn From Lebron James On Winning Despite The Odds

  Let’s be clear… I’m not a Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors fan. I’m not a Lebron James or Stephen Curry fan. However, I am a fan of good basketball and a real sucker for greatness. For those of you who followed the NBA Finals, whether you’re happy about the results of this 2016 Read More

Who’s the Master?

Last night, I arrived home and the Mask of Zorro was playing on television. I sat down briefly to watch the masked, caped crusader cross swords with three Mexican soldiers at the same time, as if it were just child’s play. Zorro, though fictitious, depicts a man who worked to master the art of swordsmanship Read More

Leave It All on the Floor!

We all have people we look up to, admire or follow and those whom have won our admiration haven’t done so without some significant sacrifice. Many hours, days, months and years have been poured into perfecting the crafts for which we admire them. If we had a behind the scenes ‘full access‘ pass, the sight Read More