Gold in the Mud!


In 1848, during the California Gold Rush, every prospector who traveled west to get rich had one thing in common. They were willing to get their hands dirty.

That’s because, there is only one place you can find natural, unrefined gold and typically, that’s in the mud.

Over 150 years after the gold rush, the idea of hard work and dirty hands, still remains a truth for anyone looking to obtain sustained success.

Dirty Hands get the GoldNowadays, we’re not panning or dredging mud in search of a gold nugget, but the challenges we face at work and in our personal lives can be very similar to the gold seeker’s process.

The only distinguishable difference between many of us and these 1850’s forty-niners, is that the forty-niners knew exactly what success looked like.

For them, it looked like gold. Thus, when they found this gold, it made all the dirt and mud they sifted between their fingers, well worth the sacrifice.

Today, the mud and dirt of a success prospector looks a bit different.

The mud in our lives typically shows up as an unfortunate circumstance or a displeasing situation.

Many of us view these happenings as set-backs and/or barriers, so we dismiss the entire circumstance or situation as waste, never taking the time to sift it for gold.

If gold can only be found in the dirt, is it possible that our blessings could be camouflaged in the guise of unfortunate circumstance and displeasing situations?

This week my questions for reflection are:

  • Have you taken the time to sift through your unfortunate circumstance and displeasing situations for gold?
  • How will you shift your attitude towards these happenings to ensure you can see the glimmer of gold?

Happy Thanksgiving 2013This week, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Typically, when we think of thanks, we gravitate towards everything that feels and looks positive.

Most of us know how to give thanks for the familiar four:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Health
  4. Jobs

…and I’m not going to ask you to stop.

However, I am asking you to practice using a different muscle when expressing gratitude.

If the gold is in the mud, then doesn’t that mean we should be thankful for the unfortunate circumstance and displeasing situations too?

After all, if there’s no mud, there’s no gold!

What are you being provided in your everyday experience, that you continue to overlook?

Start looking for your gold in your mud! That will make it a lot easier to be thankful for the mud too.

I’m sure what you’ll see will enrich and encourage you.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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