The same old…

This week I want to examine and appreciate normal. That’s right…I’m not going to try to inspire you to challenge yourselves, nor am I going to ask you to reach for new levels of self actualization and enlightenment. Not this time. Instead, I’m just going to ask you to appreciate and be grateful for your Read More

The definition of great!

  Greatness is being redefined every day, every month, every year. Normal is being reset, every day, every month, every year… What was great yesterday, is good today. What is good today, is normal tomorrow. 365 days later that same norm is now outdated and sometimes broken. In 2011, world records were established that seemed Read More

What are you taking for granted?

  While running errands this past weekend I did quite a bit of driving. The weather was great and people were out and about enjoying the sunshine. When pulling up to stop signs I noticed that almost everyone crossing the street in front of the car walked out into the street before I even stopped Read More