10 Characteristics That Lead To Success

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a number of men and women, who have made some outstanding achievements and over the past month, I decided to take some time to review my old notes and reflect on the many lessons I’ve learned from them. The list I’ve shared below are a brief compilation of Read More

The Nice Guy

We all love the nice guy/gal. You know…the person that always greets us with a smile, shakes our hand and makes us feel welcome? At work, we love the nice leader. You know…the leader that is uplifting and empowering, and rarely has any feedback to share? Nice people are awesome! Nice leaders are even more Read More


All of us know or have known someone within our professional lives that is or has been in a pigeonhole (to be stagnate, with little opportunity or growth in your current career for a long period of time). They’re OKAY…sometimes even great at what they do, but lack the attitude, skill, will and/or emotional intelligence Read More