What side of change are you on?


Change is constant…
For some of us…change is good!
For others…it’s become the necessary evil we endure.
Either we adapt or we agonize…

Change comes…and then goes…opening the door for new change!

So the question becomes…on which side of change are you?

Here are a few examples of change we’ve all experienced or are currently experiencing. Which side of this change are you on?

  1. As a child I always noticed the beautiful red tassel hanging from the leather bookmark in my grandmother’s bible. For a long time I wanted one. Now I have no need. I have a vibrant red bookmark in iBooks on my iPad. I also have 8 digital bookmarks at the top of my web browser. The Kindle Fire just got released. I wonder if you can change the color of the bookmark on the Fire.
  2. Speaking of the Kindle…a friend was reading a book on the Kindle that I have in print. We were discussing the book and I wanted to reference where she was in her reading. “I’ve read 40% of the book”, she said. I ridiculed her response and pressed her for which chapter that equaled. I was wrong…which side of change am I on?
  3. I’ve been researching and pricing the iRobot Roomba Home Cleaning Robots. This has led me to two conclusions;
    1. I’m going to wait until Christmas, but I want one. (Hint, hint)
    2. Anyone in the custodial and cleaning services industry should be paying very close attention to these things. Adapt or later it will be agony!
  4. In 2005, Lil’ Kim released a single named “Lighters Up”. The song marked the end of an era. For years, lighters were used by the concert audience as a sign of reverence, anticipation and appreciation for the artist. Now, the serene back drop of lifted lighters has been replaced by the flashing red ‘record’ light of video cameras and cell phones. Instead of complaining, which artist will be the first to release the hit song “Cell Phones Up”!
  5. Which side of change are you on?

    Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, author and controversial futurist wrote, “We’re entering an age of acceleration…because of the explosive power of exponential growth, the 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress; organizations have to be able to redefine themselves at a faster pace.”

    Maybe Mr. Kurzweil’s math can be disputed, but I’m sure we can all agree that innovation and change have quickened their pace.

    Might be smart if we quickened our pace too.
    Quicken your pace with change and stay inspired, it’s  lifestyle choice!

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6 thoughts on “What side of change are you on?

  1. Change is about taking risks… like a wave. You can jump on it and get the most out of it or hesitate and end up having to recover from what could have been and have to get back on your board and keep on going. I choose to ride the waves… or at least know how for when I meet with one!

    Great thoughts!

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