Get better…be better!


I had a very enlightening experience this past week.

A long time friend and I went jogging Wednesday morning. We took my normal 3 mile route to burn some pre-Thanksgiving calories while enjoying each other’s company.  By mile one I had settled into my normal pace, but my friend kept urging me to speed up.  He was full of energy, bouncing around to the music on his iPod and punching the air vigorously like a boxer in training.  I reluctantly obliged and we ran the remaining 2 miles at a much faster pace.  Consequently, this put me about a half block behind him and a bit more winded than usual.

As I approached our stopping point…out of breath and thankful to see the end…he began performing ‘burpies’ (jumping push-ups).

This is when I realized I wasn’t in my best physical condition.  Somewhere over the past couple of years, I had fallen into a mindless running regimen that did not include running faster, performing better or pushing myself.

My dear friend, had unknowingly revealed this to me!

As I sat in the grass performing my post run stretches I felt inspired. In the future, morning jogs are going to be much more intense.

Why not be better, if better is attainable?

This got me to thinking…

If Mike’s presence on my run exposed the mediocrity of my running routine, what else could I improve by just simply involving another perspective.

Who can I find to give me external insight on my seemingly well oiled routines, practices and habits?

Sometimes being better, and getting better is as simple as letting someone join you along the way and accepting their feedback and coaching.

What routines or mundane tasks of yours could use some outside perspective to see if better is attainable?

As evidenced for me on Wednesday morning…it’s a fairly simple formula;
Identify the routine…
Invite external perspective…
Get better…be better!

“Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.” ~ Unknown Author

Let’s all get better!

Stay inspired, it’s a lifestyle choice!

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